It’s finally happening: I’m leaving for Paris on Tuesday! It doesn’t seem real, but I will be landing in Paris on Wednesday morning and beginning my semester there. I know that I will be living with a family in Paris, but that’s all the information I have so far about my living arrangements. We’ll also have three days of temporary housing before moving in to make sure we get along with our families and roommates, so it won’t be immediate. Then starts three weeks of orientation where they’ll test my level of French and give us a crash course in living in Paris. I feel pretty prepared for the language aspect, but this will be the largest city I’ve ever lived in and that is sure to be different.

I’m practically packed with all my papers in order and am ready to go. I have Skype, so if you need to reach me, feel free to call my skype name Lafried518. Hopefully I’ll be able to update this as much as possible about my trip and life in Paris, so check back every so often!