I have now been in Paris for 3 days and am loving every minute of it. This city is amazing and beautiful every hour of the day, even when it’s cold and cloudy. Yesterday the sun came out for actually quite a while, so I decided it was a perfect day to take pictures of my new room (I moved in Thursday night), so here are a couple of good ones. First one is from my desk looking at my doorway.

The second is the view of the balcony I share with my “roommate” (we each have our own rooms):

Then, the piece de resistance, the view out my window. And the building across the street that you see was designed by Baron Georges-Eugène Haussmann, the Parisian civic planner from the 19th century.

Now some pictures around Paris. Of course there is the obligatory shot of the Eiffel Tower:

I’m not sure what the green light is in the middle. The best guess I’ve heard is an upside down Christmas tree. Next is a picture of my new friends Molli, Emily, and Julie in the garden of the NYU center where I’ll take most of my classes and call from every so often cause they have wifi):

Next is Molli, me, and Emily in front of the Arc de Triomphe (another classic Paris shot):

That is it for now. I am having a fabulous time in Paris and I’ll be writing again soon. For now, a bientot!