Well, I’m finally getting settled into Parisian life. I’m almost at the end of my preliminary course. Although I’m still relatively far from being “Parisian,” I’m beginning to feel like I’m actually living here. So here are some more pictures of my life in Paris. This is my monthly metro pass (Carte Orange), which is just about the most useful thing I have gotten so far in Paris:

This is my lovely street:

It’s pretty residential, if you couldn’t tell by the rows of apartment buildings. However, if you want to send me mail (letters, postcards, packages…), send them to 56 rue de Passy, Paris 75016, which is the NYU center. I’d say to send it to my address, but the mail never seems to come there and I’d check my NYU mailbox pretty much every day. This is what my apartment building looks like, though:

Then there is an obligatory picture of me in front of Notre Dame. It’s at night, so the color’s a little off, but it works…

Next is a picture of Julie, Molli, and Supraja at the opera. We went to see “Les comptes d’Hoffman” by Offenbach:

It was at the Opera Bastille, which was built sometime recently, so it’s really modern-looking.

Well, hopefully I can post again soon. A bientot!