Our most recent trip was just outside of Paris at the Château de Fontainebleau. It is a gorgeous castle which was used by many French kings, like Francois I and Henri IV. It was a slightly cloudy day, but I got some beautiful pictures outside and inside:

This is the library:

Here is Marie Antoinette’s bed, although she never actually slept in it…

The king’s thrown. Looks pretty comfortable:

And this is Napoleon’s bed. It was very short (there’s a mirror in the back in case you can’t see) and he had a couple stairs going up to it. This is just a wild guess, but I don’t think he was too tall:

Courtyard hallway:

Napoleon I cologne, I’m not joking. Someone tried it on and said it smelled terrible:

Me, Molli, and Julie on the front steps:

Then we went to the Château de Cély, where we had a delicious three-course lunch. It was delicious and the first time I’d ever had lunch in a château!

Well, au revoir for now!