I also went with a couple of friends to Strasbourg, which is a town in the northwest of France right on the border with Germany. In fact, we went to Germany for lunch! For those who don’t know, I did an exchange program for two weeks in Strasbourg in high school, so this was a kind of reunion between me and the city. Here’s a few pictures of our trip!
First, the cathedral. It’s breathtaking-you don’t see many red stone cathedrals in France:

Next, we went to the old part of the city, which they call “Petite France”:

Next, some of the cute houses in Petite France, including a house that looked like it was turned the wrong way. Aren’t roofs supposed to slant away from each other, not towards each other?

We tried to go on a boat tour of the town, but the water level was too high the whole time. This is me stepping into the flooded tour boat station:

Next, more cathedral! This is the astronomical clock inside. It’s famous apparently, but it’s just cool to see. We went to the “show,” which included a crowing metal rooster, an angel turning over an hourglass, the grim reaper ringing some bells, and all 12 apostles. It was quite the show…

Next, the little ice cream place where I got spaghetti ice cream on my exchange program with my friend Lee. Unfortunately it was closed, but I would have gone in despite the cold:

Guten tag! Here I am in Kehl, Germany, a 10 minute bus ride from Strasbourg. We ate lunch an went shopping at Wollworth’s, which is the closest thing I’ve found to a dollar store in France:
And finally, the famous trams. They are amazing, almost a reason in themselves to go to Strasbourg. The ride is so smooth and silent, and the whole system is very advanced. If only they had this in Ann Arbor…