Here are some pictures and stories of what I’ve done in the past week. My parents were in town, and not only did we do all new things in Paris (which is a feat considering they’d been here many times before), but we accidently stumbled onto a movie set! We were walking near the restaurant on the outskirts of the Palais Royal garden when we saw people in 30’s clothes and movie equipment everywhere. If you can recognize any of the French actors, please tell me, I’d love to know who they are:
Next is a picture of my parents on the metro. They embraced my ideal form of transportation in Paris, and so here is a picture of them in a metro car at the Tuileries station:
Then we went to the Opera Garnier for a ballet based off of a Proust novel. I went in search of the secret passages below the building a la Phantom, but a nice usher informed me that sadly there was no lake. But I swear this had to be part of it once:
We also had apertifs with my French host and her family. Here’s a picture of my mom talking with her daughter Pauline and her other daughter Marie’s husband:

Well, those were the highlights, but there was a ton more that we did, including walking through some covered passages, visiting the Marais (the jewish quarter, French for “swamp”) for my parents’ first time, and paying a visit to la Bastille. More pictures to come soon!