Here is finally Whitney’s trip to Paris. Unfortunately, she got sick starting the first day, but here’s some pictures of the stuff we managed to do.

First, this is the Musee de l’Homme, an anthropological museum at Trocadero, which has one of the nicest views of the Eiffel Tower in all of Paris. So, here’s Whitney taking a break inside the museum in front of the Tour d’Eiffel:

Next is the Salon de l’Agriculture. It is a huge thing in Paris, even the politicians attend it. When we were there Segolene Royal, one of the candidates for the elections in a few days, was there with her entourage. Here’s a girl riding one of the ponies at the Salon (unfortunately we were a little too old to do the same):

Here is the Musee du Vin, which is right in my backyard. We learned the history of wine in the Passy area (my area) and in France in general. The tour ended with a glass of wine in their restaurant:

This is the basque restaurant we went to, Au Dernier Metro. Delicious food:

Next is Whitney and the Tour d’Eiffel again. This was at the end of our boat ride on the Seine, and the end of Whitney’s trip in Paris.