Sorry it’s been a while. For those of you who don’t know, after returning home for all of two weeks, I visited Tom in the land down under. Australia was amazing and I recommend anyone going if they’ve got the time (and probably the resources…) to really appreciate it. My journey started after over 20 hours in transit in Sydney. This is me waiting for a bus, which is not only on the wrong side of the street, but I have to hail because otherwise they won’t stop. And things only got stranger…

Next, the airline lost my luggage (great for 2 weeks in a foreign country), so I went shopping. Considering it rained for most of the rest of the time I was there, I had plenty of time for that. So, I had to get a pretty new dress for the opera! Here’s a picture of me and Tom all dressed up for the Sydney Opera House (we heard the Sydney orchestra playing Beethoven):

Then, since there was pretty bad weather for that whole week, the next time we really took pictures was the one beautiful day, when we took the Manly fairy. We got some great views of Sydney Harbor:

Then, there was Manly Beach which, despite being a bit chilly was beautiful. We even got to see a few surfers.

After Manly, we did the walk from Bondi to Tom’s beach, Coogee. It was quite the hike, but we made it. Here are some pictures from the view between the two:

Then, finally, we went to the Blue Mountains for our last day in Sydney. They really are beautiful, and here are some pictures so you can see how beautiful they were too.

To be continued in Cairns in my next post…