I was just going back through my blog and realized I never put up pictures from my time in Barcelona. Of course, those who know what happened to me (I had my purse stolen, including my camera…) might understand this, but it’s about time I put something up. My friend Supraja was also there and took these pictures (I had disposable cameras, which should have some additional pictures, come to think of it…). So, here’s the view from Katherine’s place (where we were staying):
And I was staying like 5 feet from the Boquería (the most incredible market I’ve ever been to):

We were starved for bagels (Paris has none, I swear), so for 3 euro, we got bagels with cream cheese:After our first chocolate and churro dessert, me and Supraja have decided to form a religion based on their fattening goodness:

No trip to Barcelona would be complete without some Gaudi buildings, so here’s one we happened upon:
Next was the Gaudi Park, which is the trippiest park you’ll ever go to. I felt like I was in the Hansel and Gretel fairytale:

Those Barcelonans really know their chocolate! We had to stop by the chocolate museum, which was filled with statues made of chocolate of various things, like famous Barcelona buildings and Disney characters:

We found our way to the water and walked along the boardwalk:

And then we headed to Portugal… (to be continued)