This weekend I was starting to become resigned to the fact that I would not directly see the sun nor blue sky for the entire month, except maybe when I left the city. However, I was pleasantly surprised when Sunday ended up being a simply gorgeous day! As soon as I can, I will upload a picture (and one with the regular sky color to contrast them). The sun was out, there was blue sky and definition between cloud and sky. I don’t know what happened to make it so wonderful, but thank goodness for whatever the Chinese are doing to prepare for the games because I can only attribute it to that.

In other news, me and Kathryn went to a really cute bookshop/cafe/restaurant called Bookworm on Saturday to study. We splurged on a really nice lunch (my first fish in a long time) and spent the day there alternately reading for class and browsing their lending library of books. I’ve read that you need to donate 3 books to participate in the lending library aspect, which is kind of cool. We’ve decided that we need to get out of our district at least on the weekends and will be spending at least one of those days there.

Well, until next time…