One of the small joys of being a linguist is looking up ridiculous things online in the name of research. My field methods class is basically us asking a native speaker of Acehnese, an Indonesian language, how to say things and use that to figure out the language.
In my search for games to use in elicitations for our speaker, in order to make the process less boring, I came across an Indonesian version of “Rock, paper, scissors.” Except it’s called “Semut, orang, gaja” or “Ant, person, elephant.” This is the explanation for why the ant wins over the elephant:

The ant wins over the elephant because the ant can crawl in the elephant’s ear and tickle him to drive him crazy.

I died. That is the best explanation ever for why the small insect would win over the giant mammal.  Here’s a link to the page of traditional Indonesian games if that tickles your fancy: