Hola de Cuzco!  We finally made it here (me and Tom) and spent about 2 days already touring the town.  On our own, of course (I wouldn´t have it any other way), but tomorrow we´re branching out on our first guided bus tour of a bunch of the ruins (the ¨Sacred Valley¨ as they call it).  But so far I haven´t gotten altitude or motion sickness (which for me is nothing short of a miracle) and even the food has cooperated with my stomach.

Speaking of the food: fantastic!  There was a breakfast place this morning and got the biggest thing on the menu and it ended up being a tasting of everything: guacamole, cream cheese, lox, cooked tomato (amazing), eggs with bacon or something, peppers… the list goes on.  Tonight we decided to go a little more adventurous, so after the political protest (NO CORRUPTION!!) we decided on a place called Bagdad Cafe and I got guinea pig.  Before you say anything, it´s a delicacy here and, honestly, where else am I going to eat guinea pig.  And the previous night I had pork that I was skeptical about but ended up being fantastic.  So, anyway, it comes to the table and… it still has its head.  So Tom bravely stepped up and traded plates with me.  To be fair, the rest of the meal and the guinea pig (I tried some) was fantastic, but that face…  I just couldn´t do it.  But thankfully the rest of the food has been less suspect (although we did have a lunch for 6 soles or about 2 dollars and it wasn´t that bad).

The town itself has been beautiful.  I keep wanting to take pictures of the mountains around Cuzco and have to keep reminding myself that we´re going to be on them soon enough and taking even more breathtaking pictures.  But the digital SLR camera is just so much fun to play with!  The Incan temples that were mostly rebuilt by the Spanish are beautiful too and they´re really good here about pointing out what is Incan and what is colonial at the major sites.

Anyway, time to get to bed.  Our trip tomorrow starts at 8am sharp!  I´ll leave you with a picture of a church I took today (the rest are stuck on the camera until I come back, probably).