So, I kinda dropped off the face of the earth.  It happens, especially when you are the issue editor for a journal, have to finish 2 qualifying papers, basically decide your future in the form of a dissertation topic, and learn Spanish.  So yeah, less blogging, more doing things that de-stress.  Which, fortunately for me, means crafty things that I can show to people and say “look what I made!”  Somehow I’m still an 8 year old that shows her mommy what she made.

So, see everyone, look what I made!

What I do when I feel like throwing things

Pottery made by me at the Clay Studio, Winter 2011.

Look what I knit

Elephant!  Knit from this pattern.  I later made ears, but I can’t find a good pic at the moment.

And… there’s more to come, as I glazed 11 pots (2 with lids) the other day.  So, watch for more crafty goodness!