I wanted to have a post filled with pictures, but apparently I cannot have more than 3 at a time. Guess that means these posts will have to be themed, starting with the people I dragged myself behind. That’s right, here are the people I hiked to Machu Picchu with! I’m not sure if they want me to give their names (I certainly don’t like my name showing up randomly online), so I’ll refer to them by initial.

Starting off, we have C and V, the other women on the trip. Of course, me and V were the ones doomed to have blisters from the shoes we had tried to break in before this sojourn. That’ll teach me to get hiking boots a month beforehand… Anyway, we decided to start a rock band on the mountain called the Blister Sisters (which I personally think would do well in a Harry Potter universe).

Me with the other women on the trip, C and V

Next, we have our lovely group in full. Minus our awesome guide, Joelle, who is taking the picture.

Somewhere along the trail

And finally, no post would be complete without a beautiful view of the scenery, so here you go:

More posts later, I promise!