Side note: Today is my good friend Serena’s birthday.  She also went to Peru this summer and is awesome.  Happy Birthday Serena!!

Today’s post is all about Cuzco. During our recent trip to Peru, this lovely town at 11,000 feet above sea level is small but quaint. We had done just about all there was to see in about 3 days but had about a week total there, so we got creative.

First, we have our first view of the city while driving in from the airport. By the way, the right side is the crest of Cuzco, complete with a llama (they love their llamas!):


The area of the city we first stayed in was San Blas. It had a cute little square that had a crafts market on Saturdays. If anyone us thinking of going to Cuzco, I highly recommend the market. Anyway, here’s a picture if me overlooking the square:


I’ll try to edit this later and add pictures of the things we bought. Or maybe I’ll include that in another post… Anyway, moving on. The next picture is a view of the surrounding mountains at night. I took a picture from the big square, Plaza de Armas:


Finally, we have the best view in Cuzco, which we took in the yard of a church that was once an Incan temple and was redone during Spanish rule as a church (although try kept many of the original Incan walls). Simply beautiful.


That’s it for today. And somehow I’m almost out of pictures f Peru, which seems shocking. Next time, I’m planning on posting about the political protest that we witnessed in Plaza de Armas while we were there. But be forewarned, it was dark and many of the pictures are also dark and hard to make things out in. Until next time… Lauren