Today is my grandpa’s birthday.  He has inspired me with incredible trips of his own, like a cruise in Alaska and the trip he took around South America.  Happy Birthday Papa!

Today’s post, in honor of completing my paper deadline, will be the trip me and Tom took to Greece in 2009.  Specifically, this will be about our week on Skopelos, a tiny island in the Greek Northern Sporades island group in the Aegean Sea.  Google map is below:

On the way there, we took a train from Athens, but we needed to make a stop in some random town.  When you don’t speak the language, these things can be quite fun.  We decided to get lunch in said random town:

Another train ride, an hour long ferry ride, and a car ride from Glossa past what I think was a chicken coop, and we found ourselves with a fantastic view:

We rented from Joanna Weston at Glossa Houses, a British ex-pat who rents and helps people buy houses on the island.  The specific place we stayed in was the Old Wine House.  Here’s our table at lunch on one day:

And a pottery shop on the island:

One day, we went over the to the most beautiful beach on the island.  Apparently, it was where Mama Mia (the movie with the songs from Abba) was filmed and boy did they choose a beautiful place for that.  So I took a little dip in the sea and so did Tom:

We have my awesome digital camera to thank for those, by the way.  Shockproof up to 5 feet and waterproof up to 33 meters.  I’m kinda clumsy…  But happy side effect is that I can get underwater pictures with my own digital camera!

Then some nice person took our picture from the cliff overlooking the beach, so here’s a full view of what we saw on our summer vacation:

Well, that’s about it for our pictures of Skopelos (or Glossa, which is the biggest town near where we were staying).  Stay tuned tomorrow for some more pictures and adventures!  Lauren