Continuing our trip to Greece, me and Tom also stopped in Athens before and after our island adventure.  I was there before Tom and so got some pictures on my own. This first one was from the roof of the hotel I stayed in the first night (was it ever an amazing view).  Thanks to the guy at the front desk who let me in on this secret when I arrived entirely disheveled at 10 at night.

Part of the reason I was out of sorts was because I took a plane ride without having any ginger ale.  The flight attendant on the Greek airlines asked me on my flight earlier that day what I wanted to drink.  I always go for ginger ale because of its stomach-settling powers, so I responded “ginger ale.”  The woman gets this face on and responds “what is this ginger?”  I was so taken aback about suddenly having to explain what ginger was that I sputtered for a good 30 seconds saying like Schwepps and Canada Dry and stuff before saying I’d have a Sprite.  Of course they only have 7-Up, but after everything else, that was perfectly fine with me.

Anyway, in my time alone, I also took a look at the Acropolis.  In the background are the Caryatids:

Next, Tom came to town (finally) and we hit up the acropolis again, this time together:

There was a lot of construction, so it was kind of hard to avoid it.  Anyway, we also went down the back of the Acropolis complex to Parko Thiseio.  This is us in front of a Byzantine orthodox church in that park.  There was something about the moon too and the sides on that thing, but I’ve forgotten.

Last but not least, the oregano chips.  There’s a story behind this picture: we were trying to get train tickets you couldn’t get until the day of and no one would tell us the price and we ended up waiting around the train station two days in a row.  I’m fairly certain this is the second day and we had nothing to do so we checked for snacks at a vendor and found chips.  It said in english on the other side that the flavoring was oregano, and as you might be able to pick out it had balsamic vinegar as well.

And that’s Athens for you!  We’ll see what I come up with for tomorrow’s post, I’m kinda running out of places…  Maybe some of my solo trip in France that happened right before this Greek adventure?  Who knows, stay tuned!