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So, today I’m going to cover the ancient buildings I saw on my trip to the South of France. I didn’t take as many pictures in the South of France because the most interesting days I forgot my camera, lucky me. This includes my bike ride where I found random Roman aqueducts in the middle of the countryside and had my lunch, which I got from an organic farmers market, in a field of sunflowers.

Well, why not start with some Roman constructions I did in fact take pictures of. Here are some aqueducts in Montpellier:

And a Roman Amphitheater in Nîmes:

Next, I found this fountain in Montepellier one of my first days. I liked the lion head (and the fact that it was no big deal there):

Finally, we have the Roman Amphitheater in Arles. This one I could actually go into and they still staged events in here, especially bullfighting. Fortunately, I was not in town for a bullfight, but I did get to take a look inside:

And here’s looking through a window in the Amphitheater onto the rooftops of Arles:

And that concludes the ancient world of Southern France. This weekend I’ll be posting about my time in Paris in multiple parts. The first being Amelie’s Paris, the second some of my favorite secret places in the city.