Today I will give you a peek into one of the most famous post-impressionist gardens: Giverny, outside of Paris in Vernon.  It’s a really short train ride (45 minutes) and either a taxi, walk, or bike ride from the train station.  Of course, I went with the bike route, as evidenced by my bike above.  Rented it right outside the train station, complete with a panier for my backpack.  After biking on a road, then a path, then another road (all along the river), I reached Giverny, Monet’s country getaway.  I found an empty lot to have a picnic in (cheese and baguette, my favorite) and got in line.  This is his house, as seen from the garden:

I wanted to take pictures inside, but it wasn’t allowed (and they yelled at you and watched you delete your pictures).  The kitchen was such a happy yellow color, I would have loved to take a picture.  Anyway, then it was on to the gardens, especially the one with the pond, so I took the underground tunnel (this place is very not handicap accessible)…

And found myself surrounded by flowers.

Of course it’s always necessary to take a picture of the Japanese bridge.

And for anyone who knows Monet’s work, the nymphéas or water lillies.  The French name for water lillies is actually nénuphar, but Monet wanted a more poetic name for them, one that made the water lillies seem more like water nymphs.

And that’s it for this trip.  I got back on my bike and rode back to the train station and back to Paris.  And this was my view on the way back.