You know how some pictures have a whole story behind them, just one picture?  It really makes you think about that saying, a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Anyway, this picture is one of those.  Back in Spring Break 2009, me and Tom wanted to go somewhere nice and warm and escape winter if only for a week, so we hopped on a plane and ended up in Puerto Rico.  Anyway, we decided to try out the rainforest, which was called the El Yunque, only a few minutes drive from our hotel and get there without knowing much about it except it had plenty of waterfalls.  When we arrived at the visitors’ center to find it deserted, which was not a very good sign.  However, our handy dandy GPS showed us back down the hill a bit where we found a few cars parked in one location, along with a sign that had a trail map on it.  After about half an hour of hiking passing a few people here and there, all downhill (which would make the way back interesting), we came upon this waterfall with TONS of people having a good time.  We had read about the waterfalls and had come prepared with bathing suits, so we got on in with everyone else.  It was at that point that we took the picture below:

Although we’d started this adventure with very little to go on, we ended up having a great time and did something neither of us had done before: go swimming under a waterfall.  I wouldn’t exactly recommend the part of the island we were on for awesome activities, but this was pretty cool.

Well, that’s about it for the Puerto Rican waterfall.  Hopefully I can come up with something else for tomorrow…