Today’s post is another example of a picture’s worth a thousand words.  Back in 2006, before I even started this blog and updates were shared by email rather than publicly on a blog for the whole world to see.  Go figure.  Anyway, me and Tom took our first of many international trips together to Italy, the South of France, and Brussels.  But between France and Brussels, I met up with my family and together we went to Geneva, Switzerland, where our French “uncle” Maurice lives.  One of the days we were there, we took the funicular up some mountain and had lunch at the most random restaurant at the top.  I’m fairly certain my dad had kangaroo and we had cheese fondue.  It was bizarre.  Anyway, the picture below is the sign from where we got out of the funicular and although you might not be able to see it, it points the way to places like Rome and New York.  I think I told everyone to get in front of it and look lost and my sister, dad, and Maurice complied:

And I actually found a picture of our top-of-the-mountain cheese fondue:


Edit: The day I posted this, October 20, was the busiest day for my blog so far.  Thank you for stopping by!