If I’m going to start somewhere with my trip of Italy, the Ponte Vecchio is certainly a dazzling place to begin.  It is in Florence and only stores that sell jewelry, silver, and gold are allowed to be in business on it.  Most of these pictures were taken during sunset, which I think is my favorite time on the bridge.

Anyway, the one tidbit I know about the Ponte Vecchio is that the covered walkway over the bridge, called the Vasari Corridor, was built by the Medici family, the royal Florentine family, so that they wouldn’t have to walk or ride alongside the commoners.  At the time, it connected the Palazzo Vecchio to the Palazzo Pitti.  They built it tall enough so that a horse with a rider could fit through it.  Anyway, here’s Vasari’s Corridor:

Anyway, the rest of the pictures are just fun pictures that I like, starting with one of me and Tom on the bridge:

One night, some musicians were performing on the bridge:

And here’s a view of sunset from the bridge (I’m not sure of the name of the bridge you can see in this picture):

So, that’s the Ponte Vecchio.  I’ll probably continue next time with pictures from my 2006 trip to Italy with Tom.