So, on our plane ride back from Greece, we had a layover in London.  Now, you might think, 6 hours is a perfect amount of time for a meal or a nap or something.  You obviously have not taken the same types of trips as me and Tom.  Back in 2006, we had 4 hours to spare between flights and downtown was only a half-hour bus from the airport, so we went in and had a pint.  This time, we had 6 hours but we were looking at a half hour to 45 minute ride to town from the airport using the Underground.  So we said, why not?

In retrospect, had we known that the train was going to get stuck for half an hour extra on the way there, we probably wouldn’t have done it.  That’s right, half an hour of sitting in an unmoving subway car.  But I wanted to see my King’s Cross station and Tom wanted to see Big Ben and Westminster Abbey.  Thankfully, Tom’s interests were practically right next to each other, so here’s Tom in front of Big Ben and I think Westminster Abbey as well (correct me if I’m wrong, which I probably am) the Houses of Parlaiment [edit: Thanks!  Also, it’s more fitting, as Tom is a bar-approved lawyer now]:

And here’s me at Platform 9 3/4 in King’s Cross Station:

Unfortunately this is a temporary location for Platform 9 3/4 because the real location was under construction.  But since it was at least a few weeks until the start of school, I think the students of Hogwarts would be just fine.

We also ate a gyro (or Tom did) and we got back to the airport with a few hours extra cushion.  It ended up being about 15 pounds round trip, which isn’t horrible for a whole extra trip to London.  Anyway, that’s all for today, maybe I’ll post some pictures from our 4 hours in Dublin…