Today’s post is about sleeping on a plane. As someone who loves travel, especially travel that involves airplanes, I am unfortunately afflicted with extreme motion sickness. I could go through all the different methods of battling motion sickness (some quite extreme, like not eating for hours and hours before my flight), but you probably wouldn’t want to hear it.

Anyway, that predicament is part of why I simply can’t sleep on planes. I’ve tried, oh have I tried, but I usually can’t get more than an hour or two on a plane ride, which is horrible for those super long trips. I’ve taken a plane from Chicago to China (Beijing) and Australia (Sydney) and spent most of the time watching TV and movies. Once I even finished the majority of a Harry Potter book (Goblet of Fire, for those who are interested) on my way back from France. All I’ve learned from this predicament is not to fight it and just take the time to catch up on stuff I haven’t had the time to watch.

Fortunately, the Frugal Traveler wrote an article on the topic of sleeping on planes. His discussions with different experts makes him come to the conclusion that sleeping on a plane isn’t that good of sleep anyway. So even if I could sleep, it wouldn’t really be worth it anyway. Thanks Frugal Traveler! For those who want to read it (and I highly recommend it), his very insightful article is here.

And since it’s fall and fall means leaves are trying to get that last little bit of direct sunlight by turning some beautiful colors, and since I’m on a train and have nothing better to do than take pictures, here’s one from somewhere in Maryland. Enjoy and see you on Thursday!