About a month ago, I posted some delicious pictures of the food in and around Cuzco, Peru.  Of course, those three pictures don’t do justice to all the deliciousness we had.  So, in order to remedy that, here is some more (and less fancy) food.

The first, I’ve told you before what a $2 Peruvian meal is like, but here it is in pictures.  And no, this is not the Swiss guy’s place… Anyway, with any good $2 meal, you get a soup and a main dish, occasionally a dessert.  First, here is the soup (and no, we did not get a choice of soups…):

Second, get ready for the main dish!  Tom (and others) probably know better what this is, but google searches tell me this is Tacu Tacu or Bisteck a lo Pobre, which sounds about right.  Anyway, it’s beef, some rice, and an egg on top:

Some of our favorite dishes were lomo saltado (beef, rice, and potatoes), papa a la huancaina (potatoes with a creamy sauce on top), and papas rellenas (potato stuffed with beef).  Mmm.

Next, we have empanadas!  We found this on our walk between downtown and the shopping center-type area.  I’m fairly certain each was like less than a dollar and they were soooo good.  One is probably chicken, the other beef, all happy and hanging out together on a single plate.  The place looked more like an ice cream shop than a place to get empanadas, but hey, the best places are those you least expect.  Anyway, here are those empanadas:

Now, when it comes to eating unknown types of food on street corners, I admit that Tom has me beat in the strength of his resolve and his stomach.  So, when we came across some woman selling what looked like tamales right outside the supermarket in the middle of town, Tom decided it was time to put his love of street food to the test.  It looked good, but I let him enjoy his 25 American cent tamale on his own.

Mmm, now I’m getting hungry, so it’s time for breakfast.  Until the next post…