Today I’ll be posting about a knitting project many months (possibly over a year) in the making. When I found this crossword hat on Knitty, I could only think of one person in my life who would appreciate it. Then I followed some links, which brought me to this crossword bag and I knew what I had to do.
Although it was a very long project, I had a ton of bus rides and plane trips to waste away doing something other than reading. (For more about how motion sickness sucks, go look at my post about sleeping on planes.). Then I had to frog most of it back in March or so because I had a gauge that was far too big. But I got a second wind when I realized I could finish it for a birthday in August. And this is how far I got sometime in June or July:


I thought I was basically there! Then I realized this purse was not complete without a lining and some handles, both of which required sewing. So, I found this fabric at B. Wilk Fabrics in Philly (thank you groupon!), which would be perfect for a lining. It’s pink! With dogs!


Then I knew I was ready. After sewing part of a pocket by hand, I decided a project of this size had to be seen using a machine. So I took the next few months to finally find a machine (thank goodness for Bits of Thread and their daily machine use) and sewed the lining:


I then sewed the lining to the bag by hand and sewed a couple of handles on.


After many more hours of work, it was done! Here is the birthday girl (many months after her birthday) with her new (favorite) purse:


I’m starting a new set of gifts in time for the holidays, so hopefully I’ll be able to post some more knit projects again soon.