Today’s post is both late and short because of an abstract I’m attempting to write. Fingers crossed it gets accepted! Anyway, I was recently going through pictures from my family’s 2005 trip to San Francisco and came upon this picture which I thought was hilarious. We were in Chinatown, which was pretty awesome in itself, and outside of one of the shops, I see people standing around something. I go over and once the crowd clears, what do I see but this:

That’s right, a Harry Potter statue! It was pretty amazing, so I had to take a picture. What was it doing outside a shop in Chinatown? No idea, but it was pretty awesome. I think I’ll have to look through these pictures some more, there are some gems hidden in there…

[Edit: Thank you so much to everyone who read this post, especially those who “liked” it! This was my busiest day so far on my blog!]