Today’s post goes back to 2003, when Order of the Phoenix came out in book form and the US decided on the name Freedom Fries for those happily fried potatoes.  That summer, I went on an exchange program to France with some other people in my high school.  We were mainly in Strasbourg for two weeks and then spent a few days in Paris. I went back to Strasbourg later, during my study abroad in Paris.  But this was my first introduction to the town.

In Strasbourg, the most iconic building is the reddish sandstone cathedral in the center of town.  It was supposed to have two steeples, but after completing the North tower they never built the South one.  I kind of remember them saying something about the ground not being able to support it and them not realizing this until it was almost too late.  I can’t find this story online, so it’s probably just an overzealous tour guide that told me this without any real source.  And by writing this, I run the risk of creating a citation of my own.  Oh well.  Anyway, here is the famous asymmetrical cathedral:

Next is a picture from Alsace, but not Strasbourg.  As a class trip, we went to a production pottery place somewhere outside of Strasbourg in France.  The potter made a pot for us on the spot and gave the freshly made ceramics to one of our teachers.  Here she is with her brand new goblet:

Last, we went to Paris for a few days.  At the Musee d’Orsay, I took the picture below from the back side of the clock with my friend standing in front of it.  I always thought it looked similar to this threadless design.

Anyway, those are the best of the pictures from that particular trip to France.  Til next time…