When it comes to Christmas, I tend to live vicariously through others’ celebrations. In that spirit, we were invited over to our family friends’ house today to help trim their tree. It isn’t be decorated with Coke cans, like the tree to the left. That picture I took in Puerto Vallerta in 2006 during a family vacation. No, it’s covered in lights and decorations that have been in the family for years.

This afternoon was the time to decorate the tree. After about an hour of appetizers, wine, and mulled apple cider, we started the decorating. My mom took a few pictures of the process (which I might add later if I get them from her), but I made sure to get a glamor shot of the finished product:


I also have a tree of my own that I got over a year ago from a friend who was moving. Here’s a picture of me and a friend from last year’s tree trimming:


The boyfriend has offered to put up the tree before I get back tomorrow, so hopefully I’ll be able to put up pictures from my own tree trimming soon. Until next post…