The good news came in last week: Tom has a job!  An awesome job.  A job with the government.  In fact, practically his dream job.  He’s kind of happy about it.

Anyway, he needs to wait at least a few weeks to get security clearance.  So, next week while he doesn’t have a job yet, we were thinking of going somewhere, possibly driving.  Someone waited a little too long to get his passport renewed, so it has to be in the US.  Therefore, I have decided to ask the internet: where should we go?  What should we do?  And most importantly for me, where should we stay along the way?  We’d be leaving from DC, so I think the West Coast is a little out of our reach if we’re driving (we probably are).

Some of the places we’ve considered so far:
The Grand Canyon
Las Vegas
Florida (Miami maybe?)
New Orleans (I’ve never been)

And I’m taking any and all suggestions.  Please leave them in the comments!  And thanks everyone in advance!

And for your help, here is a hilarious picture of me, my sister, and our friend Laura in San Francisco in 2005, where I took that awesome picture of a Harry Potter statue.

We were really into those iPod commercials. What?