I’m not quite making it back to Chicago this holiday season, so I thought I’d post some pictures from last year’s trip to Chicago.  Specifically, from a trip to the Museum of Science and Industry, a favorite museum of mine.  Anyway, one of the exhibits shows a bunch of baby chicks hatching right before your eyes!  It was always a highlight of my visit to the museum and this last time I got some pictures and even a little video.  To the left is actually a shot of the type of container they’re in.  I swear, these haven’t changed since I was little.  It’s technically an exhibit about genetics, but like kids actually wait around enough to find out?  No, they look at the adorable little chicks!  So, here are a couple of pictures from my time with the baby chickens.

Just a normal day down on the farm...

Ooo, what's so exciting? Is there a baby human being born?