Happy Holidays everyone! I seemed to have disappeared when in reality I just got knee deep into work. It’s a good thing I guess… Anyway, for Christmas, I had a fantastic meal at the boyfriend’s cousin’s place. Duck à l’orange, baked sweet potatoes, potatoes cooked in duck fat. It really was special. And here’s a picture of the full meal:


A feast!

Mmm… Man it was good. Anyway, for dessert, I decided to once again dip into the Mixed-Up Files of Smitten Kitchen for another delicious recipe. This time, I used a more recent one that I had hoped for an occasion to use: Nutmeg Maple Butter Cookies. Mmm… Mine weren’t as aesthetically pleasing (my only cookie cutters are men and bears, no pretty leaves or acorns like she uses), but they were pretty good. anyway, here’s a couple pictures I took:


All the little bears cooling on the cooling rack...


Little maple butter bears resting in their tupperware...

And here’s wishing everyone a happy New Year! (Picture is from New Years last year in Chicago.)


Happy New Years!