Happy New Year everyone!

I’m getting together some new travel posts for the new year, so look forward to some new pictures in the coming weeks. We’ve also decided our next big international adventure will be to Buenos Aires, so watch out for some more posts on travel planning as well.

But for today, I wanted to share our fun adventure from last night. At the New Years party we attended, the host not only cooked us an amazing Indian feast but also bought a bunch of sky lanterns. They’re basically tiny hot air balloons: you open the paper balloon part, light a little strip in the opening, let the balloon fill with hot air, then let it float up into the sky with your wishes. Or in this case, resolutions. Here’s a picture of me holding the balloon before flight:


And here’s the 5 balloons we let go at the same time:


I also got a short video of the balloon floating off into the sky. I hope everyone’s new year is healthy and happy!