I haven’t written many posts about my family’s trip to Switzerland.  Well, except this picture from our funicular ride.  Anyway, when we were in Lausanne, which is near Geneva, we took a lunch cruise on Lake Geneva.  I can’t really remember what we ate except some cucumber soup thing.  Well, we had a wonderful time and somehow I didn’t get motion sick.  It was a miracle.

Unfortunately my camera had broken just a few days before in Villefranche-sur-Mer, after the most delicious meal of mussels I’ve ever eaten.  It only cost me a camera…  So I only have a few pictures of Switzerland as a whole and even less of this boat ride (mostly because I could take pictures but I had no idea what they looked like).  Anyway, here’s me lounging on the deck of the boat:

A view from the boat – not too bad:

And finally, a random castle that was on the edge of the water.  It was pretty neat, although we just went by it, we didn’t go in:

Well, those are all my usable pictures from the boat ride.  A bientôt!