Happy Saturday morning everyone!  This post is dedicated to me eating awkwardly.  Actually, it’s really the boyfriend taking awkward pictures of me eating on our 2006 European vacation.  Not sure how this became a thing, but in searching through pictures I was constantly finding more pictures of me consuming food and looking pretty weird doing so.  On the other hand, it’s a great segue into the food in Italy and France (mostly Italy).

First, in Italy, we decided one day to try their pastries for breakfast.  Probably because we were up pretty early and jetlagged.  Well, we tried what I think was the closest thing to an Italian croissant.  I remember it being much denser than I was expecting (although all I had to compare it to was a French croissant…).  I have two pictures of me eating it and I must say I look infinitely happier in the second.

The next two pictures are of the food item I probably had the most in Italy: gelato.  Man, that stuff is good.  I’m drooling just thinking about it.  We eventually found our favorite gelato place, Gelataria de Neri in Florence.  And this was in the days before Yelp, so we found this by literally walking around and trying all the gelato places possible in the few days we were in each place, many times asking people for what they thought was the best gelato place.  However, this first picture is before I knew how delicious gelato could get, as it was on our first night in Rome, our first night in Italy.  I’m such a novice I got it in a cone.

I look way more awkward in this second picture, but at least I got my gelato in a cup.

Then we have the picture this whole post was based on: the first time I ate a French salad.  I don’t know how many of you have had a salad in France, but it’s a very strange experience: they give you the pieces of lettuce whole.  They might chop them for you if you ask, but in 2006 I was obviously the child who didn’t know enough to ask.  So, I was probably thinking, how am I going to gracefully eat this large piece of lettuce?  And the much bigger piece still on my plate?

Finally, we have come to the last picture.  I almost missed this gem the first time around, but that cherry is not going to get away from me…  Also, I’m aware that there is something on my neck.  At least this way I can place this picture in the South of France.

Anyway, that’s it for the awkward pictures of me eating during this trip.  Tune in next time for some more awesome (hopefully less awkward) travel photos!