Once again I am making a short departure from travel pictures and showing you all the crafty things I’ve made or done. This one will be big on pictures and not on words.

Reupholstering a dining chair seat is super easy and this is the third time I’ve done it. It also makes buying dining chairs much cheaper, since the seat doesn’t need to be exactly the color and pattern you want. Over the years, I’ve become the proud owner of 6 second-hand chairs, in sets of 2 and 4. Last time, I reupholstered the green chairs with a yellow seat and the cherrywood chairs with a blue, but I decided this time to pick a color that would work with both types. When picking out the fabric, I got about a square half a yard of fabric for each and it gave me enough for 6 chairs and an extra.

To reupholster a chair, all you need is fabric, a measuring tape, and a staple gun with extra staples. You can put the fabric over the existing fabric or pull that stuff off. Then just staple fabric to the bottom a bunch, pulling the fabric fairly taut. I also use a hammer to make the staples extra secure. And that’s it! Enjoy some of the pictures I’ve taken of the process and finished product!