Welcome to the Luxembourg Gardens (Jardin du Luxembourg) in Paris, France!

One afternoon in May 2010 me and Tom were lounging around the gardens and found this little area (which thankfully had some chairs, a precious commodity in the garden on that day).  It had a slightly scary statue, but we weren’t deterred.

Our lack of fear was mostly because of these charming little ducks that were just swimming along in the pond, eating whatever people threw into the water.

So, while we were lazing away the afternoon, I decided to take some pictures of these pedestals that lined the side of the water.

However, during my picture-taking, a man motioned to one of the pedestals, implying that we had to come look at something inside of one of them.  I felt kind of weird about the situation and didn’t want to lose our seats, so Tom bravely offered to go look.  After looking at it, he motioned to me to come over and bring the camera.  Look who was hiding inside of it:

A duck was sitting in one of the pedestals, and so clandestinely I couldn’t see him in any of my pictures.  So, I had to take a picture before he waddled away from his perfect hiding place.

And that was our adventure at the Luxembourg Gardens.  This is not my favorite garden, nor even my favorite garden in Paris – that is reserved for the gardens of the Rodin Museum.  However, I did have a lovely time there and hope you enjoyed seeing some of my pictures.

[Edit: I realized after scheduling this post that it would in fact show up on Friday the 13th.  Since I have two relatives with birthdays that occasionally land on Friday the 13th, I try not to look at it as an unlucky day but a lucky one.  Especially since my cousin’s first birthday was on Friday the 13th.  So, happy Friday the 13th everyone!  I hope only good things happen to everyone today!]