I’ve determined that my Sundays or Mondays will now be dedicated to delicious and crafty things. In that vein, today I bring you a story of fried, French food. No, not French fries – beignets! For those that haven’t heard of this New Orleans specialty, they’re basically donuts fried in oil and immediately covered in powdered sugar. And they’re delicious. My wonderful sister was recently in New Orleans for the Sugar Bowl (very fitting in this case) and brought me back a box of mix from Cafe du Monde. And yes, it was worth the two plane rides to get it here. So, the other night, we decided it was time to crack it open and see what we had. The recipe said to use 2 cups of mix, but we used 1 and it was plenty for 3 people, possibly 4. So, without further ado, an example of our final product:


Note that this was the tail end, as the other ones were eaten almost immediately after they were made. Enjoy!