I’m not sure if I’ve mentioned this before, but for those who don’t know me in real life, I’m originally from Chicago.  Well, for those who are also from Chicago, I was born in the city but moved to the Northern suburbs when I was still in diapers.  However, I’ve always been a Chicago girl.  So, when I was doing the food cart post and talked about Philadelphia as a place to “travel to,” it got me thinking – I should do a Chicago post!  Of course, because I spent so much time there as a kid, I don’t think I really felt the need to document it and so I don’t have a ton of pictures of my own of the city.  Luckily, I do have a handful, mostly from pre-iPhone camera phones (I apologize in advance for some bad quality pictures).

The first set are from one of the strangest new developments in Chicago in recent years: the Bean.  Basically, they redid a big chunk of Grant Park and put in an outdoor concert venue, a garden, and this giant reflective sculpture.  It is technically called “Cloud Gate,” not the Bean, but I don’t know anyone that calls it by that name…  Well, a few years ago during the summer, me and Tom and a couple friends ventured out to Millennium Park and took a look a it in person.  Here’s a few pictures, first of the five of us laying down on the ground, then of me and my friend (with Tom taking the picture on the far right).

Next, a few pictures from one of my favorite activities in Chicago – going to a taping of Wait Wait Don’t Tell Me!  I’ve been listening to Wait Wait probably since its first few shows, as it has been an institution on Saturday mornings in my house.  Now I listen to it by way of podcast, and so don’t have to spend my Saturday mornings listening to the radio, but I’ve listened to just about every show.  Sometimes I save them up for listening to at ceramics or while traveling (at least listening to podcasts doesn’t make me motion sick…), but they always get listened to.  Anyway, here’s a couple pictures from the one time we actually went to a taping and I saw Peter Sagal and Carl Kasell in person (it was kind of surreal).

The announcer, Carl Kassel, and our host, Peter Sagal!

Our panel for this week: Roxanne Roberts, Charlie Pierce, and Paula Poundstone!

Unfortunately, that’s all the pictures I have of monuments and fun Chicago activities.  So, I’ll leave you with a picture I took of the skyline of Chicago as seen from Grant Park, from a movie night in the park they used to have in the summer on Tuesdays (they cancelled it one year, but I’m pretty sure it’s back…).  Happy Saturday everyone!