Happy pre-Valentine’s Day everyone!  Or if you’re like Leslie Knope, Happy Galentine’s Day!  Last week I showed you some pictures of the knit hearts I had made for a few friends.  However, I’ve also had another Valentine’s gift that I’ve been working on this past week for a special someone and I finally finished it early this afternoon during my knit break.  Knit breaks are very necessary when you’re wading through Census data that doesn’t seem to line up from year to year.

Anyway, what I decided to make for a certain someone was his very own full-sized knit heart!  I looked for something other than those little hearts that one could knit for Valentine’s Day and I came up with this pattern from Knitty, a site I occasionally go to for knitting inspiration.  Anyway, about a week and most of a skein of yarn I never used for a crochet flower later and I have a mostly anatomically-correct knit heart!  Well, I’m still working out some of the details, like what to do with those open veins and arteries.  Can’t be safe…  Enjoy!