[EDIT: I was trying to schedule this to post on Wednesday, but my wordpress app was a little overzealous…  Sorry if you got this twice!  But it is a pretty awesome article…]

I’ve decided in this new year to make more of an effort to share what I find to be interesting or important things I find on the internet, especially those that pertain to travel. I did mention this post earlier from the Frugal Traveler about motion sickness, but that’s about it so far. Anyway, I was looking through the site Apartment Therapy the other day and came across this awesome post about selling (almost) all of your possessions to prepare for a year of travel. As someone who obviously loves travel, this is always a fleeting dream of mine (the traveling around the world for a year part), but one that requires a transience that I’m not ready to commit to right now. However, for anyone who is ready to drop everything and travel somewhere else for a year or a lifetime, this is one way to start that process off nicely.

It also seems like a method that doesn’t really involve a lot of the annoying parts of trying to sell things individually on craigslist, as me and the boyfriend figured out in our last move. The (used) couch was extremely difficult to sell and we ended up literally giving a bed away. The patio furniture that we got for next to nothing was actually sold close to cost, as well as some previously-used wooden furniture, but those were the exception rather than the rule.

Reading through the comments in their previous post on being full-time travelers, it seems as though this is an unlikely possibility but not unheard of. So, although it’s not in the cards for the moment, maybe one day… And until then, I’ll read about their journey on Apartment Therapy.