For those not living on the East Coast right now, you are missing out on a beautiful warm spell. It’s so warm I heard the cherry blossoms are blooming early this year. Anyway, my friend suggested we go hiking at Great Falls, a national park filled with hiking trails on the border of Maryland and Virginia and I took her up on the idea. I highly recommend hiking on the Maryland side, especially if you like more rustic trails with less people around. Anyway, here are some pictures from my hike: enjoy!

First, we walked across a bridge on the way to the falls and enjoyed a lovely mini-falls.



Then we reached the Great Falls themselves.

Now, this was the funniest part of our trip: don’t tell the English speakers there has actually been 8 fatalities in the last 16 months. They’ll never know… It was also in Vietnamese.


Next, there’s me, a little tired but happy for the good weather.

And finally, the part of the Potomac we had lunch on. That water is so beautiful, it’s so sad what happens to it once it reaches DC….


That’s it for this hike, but I imagine I’ll be going hiking again in Maryland/Virginia very soon and will obviously be taking more pictures…