So, I was just wandering around Apartment Therapy this morning and came across something amazing.  No, not a way to keep my apartment organized or clean, that would take divine intervention…  Anyway, what I saw was this article about a nifty site called Quirky.  The idea behind it is this: have you ever come up with an awesome idea for a product and, after exhaustive searching, found out that it didn’t exist?  And you don’t have your own company to make it for you?  Then you submit an idea to Quirky and if there’s enough support from the Quirky community, it can become a reality.  For instance, a power strip that can pivot to either fit around pieces of furniture or allow you to have a ton of those big, bulky AC adaptors that cover up a bunch of outlets.  Or a tether that you can attach to wine glasses in the dishwasher so you can wash them without the fear that they’ll shatter.  That’s only the beginning, so search around for yourself here…  And please let me know if you own one of these products and/or have had experience submitting an idea to this site.

You can find the original article from Apartment Therapy here.