Today’s travel post is a continuation of my earlier post on food trucks in Philly. Based on some glowing reviews of the innocuous-looking coffee truck that’s always parked on 38th near the bridge, I went to Hub Bub for the first time. I had walked by it before and was impressed by their sign proclaiming their use of Stumptown in their coffee. I hadn’t had Stumptown, but when I was housing my parents on a coffee tour of Philly, the name kept coming up. Anyway, I decided it was time.


Their menu wasn’t too big or complicated to scare away an occasional coffee drinker like myself. I went for the latte (the smaller size), which took a few minutes to make. While I was waiting, they gave me avery cute punch card (despite the fact I wouldn’t be back much) and helped another girl with her drip coffee. It looked like she enjoyed it…

Anyway, back to my latte.


I have to say it was pretty good and up to the hype. I was a little skeptical of someone making good coffee in a food truck, but the experience left me pleasantly caffeinated. Thanks Hub Bub!