Our guide at Mont Saint Michel

For those who know me (or have read my blog for a bit now) know that I love Paris.  Love it.  Especially in the spring.  So when I came across this article today about organized Paris walks in the spring, I knew I’d have to read about it.  Granted, it’s not a very long article and it doesn’t say much more than the landmarks that the two walks go through, it made me think about all those guidebooks I had back in the day of guided walks.  Some of them were fantastic (like this box set of walks of Paris my friend gave me a while back) and others seemed like a long walk without much interesting to see.  And I’m a big fan of exploring places on my own, getting lost and finding my way back like I did in Beijing, so they never really appealed to me.  Then again, for someone without a month or a few months to really take in a city, maybe it is better if someone shows you the ropes.  And these people really know what they’re talking about – looking on their website I found they have a guided tour of the covered passageways of Paris, which I talked about here.

What do you think of guided tours, or guidebooks with tours in them?  Have they been useful or do you prefer to do your traveling without a guide?