This blog is mainly about travel: pictures from where I’ve been, planning trips, and stuff from the internet about travel.  Today I will tackle a topic that I’ve been dealing with for some time now – how to display pictures from vacations in your home.  Of course, you could always print out pictures and put them in frames, scattering those on surfaces across your home.  Or these days, some people have those digital picture frames, where they upload pictures and it automatically changes them every few minutes or hours.  But what if you want to try something new?

Here are two ways I found to display travel pictures in my apartment beyond the pictures-in-frames method.

1. Photo books


With so many companies nowadays that offer personalized things from greeting cards to playing cards, it is fairly easy to find a good deal on photo books.  I used shutterfly for the two books above and I had pretty good results.  Their online book creator was a little clunky and not my favorite, but it worked for my purposes.  Here’s an example of a page from my book on the left in the picture above, which detailed our trip to Peru.

Although the online creator tool wasn’t the best in the world, it definitely saved me time when compared to scrapbooks, which I used to make.  They turn out really nice and give you a new coffee table book for people to look at.  Win win!

2. Canvas photo


The next type of non-traditional picture display is an enlarged canvas photo.  As you can see above, me and the boyfriend got these of our underwater pictures from our trip to Skopelos, Greece.  The one of the boyfriend was a Groupon to Canvas on Demand and I must say they did a good job.  I’m not sure where the canvas of me is from, but it also turned out great.  Without a deal, it would have probably been about $125 including shipping, but I got mine for about $45.  It’s quite a bit more expensive than the photo book (unless you snag a deal), but it’s the one thing people have commented on the most in our new place.  Granted we still have boxes everywhere and don’t have a ton of pictures up yet, but still, it’s universally liked.

If you’re looking for a good deal but don’t need it to be fancy or in color, I’ve heard that you can do large-scale architectural prints at your local print shop for fairly cheap, but I can’t find the article I heard about it in.

Anyway, those are my non-traditional ways of displaying travel pictures in my house.  How do you show off your memories?  Have you tried photo books or canvas photos and what do you think of them?