So today I came across another post from Apartment Therapy which had been something that had been on my mind. It’s about short-term travel rentals, but it could very well apply to any rental: the quirks of staying in a place that’s not yours. Be it strange sounds, weird decorating choices, or a light switch that you bang your head on every time you head to the bathroom.

I’ve dealt with my own “rental idiosyncrasies” in the past: a disposal you fixed with a broom handle, the resident mouse that was immune to my traps, and the loudest air conditioner. Sometimes they work out great: the green leather couch in my college apartment happened to be positioned right over a vent, and so the heated couch was born. At the moment, I’m dealing with my own quirk: an office that gets much hotter than any other room. It has a great view, but the light quickly heats the place up. I want to close the door, but I guess that for now, it’ll just have to stay open.

Have you dealt with some quirky rentals? What were the quirks and how did you deal with them?