Although I’ve only written about the food trucks in Philly so far, there is an increasing food truck movement in other cities. Like in DC! The other day, I visited the Surfside tacos food truck at Metro Center to see if the fish tacks I’d heard about were really up to snuff.


In the above picture, you can only see part of the giant line I hassle to wait in. I’m pretty sure it was a 15-20 minute wait, but it was totally worth it. Look at those beauties:


The two tacos with rice and beans ($9) came with a generous amount of fish and a huge helping of guacamole, a huge plus in my book. So it should come as no surprise that I loved their tacos and it was plenty of food for lunch. The price tag is a little steep, but you pay for quality.

If you’re ever in DC and looking for a food truck, be sure to check out Food Truck Fiesta, an aggregator of all the different twitters associated with DC food trucks.

Well, until next time…