For today’s installment of Crafty Mondays, I have my most recent knitting project to show you all. I started this knitting pattern, but didn’t want a cowl:

So I made it into a scarf with the leaves going the long way.


But I didn’t quite want that either. What I wanted to make was a triangle shawl and what I didn’t have was a good pattern. So, in a move that was decidedly risky, I decided to create my own pattern.

Now, I has never done this before. Even my first scarf, which was just knitting on both sides, I used a pattern. Ok, so it was multicolored and I only use the pattern to figure out how to change colors, but I still had a pattern.

This newest project is the cowl pattern I have above but with a 5 stitch edge and make 1’s on both side, going from 3 stitches up. I made this pattern using this site:


So, basically, I started the pattern from the center and as I add enough stitches on each side, I do more of the pattern. And for each repetition of the pattern at the edges, I make sure I can have enough room for a yarn over and a k2tog or ssk (slip slip knit). The toughest part, admittedly, has been reversing the pattern for the wrong side. I had no idea ssk was so complicated when it needs to be reversed and purled! For those who haven’t looked this up extensively online, you slip 2 stitches knitwise, slip those both back on the left needle purlwise, then purl both from the back. Purling from the back is taking your right needle, going around the back past both stitches and putting your needle under towards the pointy end of the left needle, then purling. If you end up making another stitch, try again or watch this video. The reverse of k2tog (knit two together) is purl two together, which was nice and simple.

Well, here is my current progress on the shawl:


The ends are a little tight, so I know I’ll have to block, but Ireally like it so far. So I will tentatively call my first attempt at writing a pattern a success. Have you written your own knitting pattern?  Any suggestions on writing it for a wider audience?