As someone who’s been doing pottery for a long time, I always come across the following dilemma: what do I do with all these pots? I have short pots, tall pots, round pots, cylinders, and basically everything else that Dr. Seuss could come up with. When a pot doesn’t work out, it tends to get holes in the bottom to be a planter or a little carved out area for a tea light (I’ll post pictures of that some other time…). But I usually end up tossing those or donating them, since they weren’t pots I really liked in the first place.

So I’ve been thinking about how to use the pots I like but don’t have a clear functional purpose (or can’t be used for food for technical reasons). So, recently, I’ve been using them as temporary covers for my plants until I buy some more soil and can plant them in larger containers. I gotta say, it’s making my window look pretty nice these days, I may need to start making some ceramic planters on purpose…